Testing Types

The methods of software testing do not give an opportunity to reveal all the flaws explicitly and in full. That’s why all existing testing methods act in the limits of formal checking process of tested or developed software to correspond definite standards of quality, which are used in a particular company or even a project. It means that the decision what to consider a quality software is quite a vague idea. It happens because of too many methods of system building are used in programming. Still, the reality is that application should be produced, that means a customer should set the expected quality characteristics, with which testing can be considered successful and complete. However, there are main, basic criteria, that can be used to assess the quality of software.

The quality of software can be defined as a complex characteristics of the tested software considering the following components:

  • reliability;
  • maintainance;
  • utility;
  • effectiveness,
  • mobility,
  • functionality.

Common types of Testing

There are several features that are used to classify testing types. Our team has outlined the following.

By the object of testing:

  • functional testing;
  • testing the output:
    • loading testing;
    • stress testing;
    • testing the stability;
  • usability testing;
  • testing security;
  • testing localisation.

Do you know your system?

By knowing the testing system:

  • testing the black box;
  • testing the white box;
  • testing the grey box.

Manual or Automation?

By the degree of automation:

  • hand-held testing;
  • computer-aided testing;
  • semi-automatic testing.

By the degree of the components‘ detachment:

  • module testing;
  • integration testing;
  • system testing.

By the testing time:

  • alfa-testing:
  • smoke testing;
  • new feature testing;
  • approving testing;
  • regression testing;
  • acceptance testing;
  • beta-testing.

By the feature of positiveness of the scenario:

  • positive testing;
  • negative testing.

By the degree of preparation for testing:

  • testing by docs (formal testing);
  • intuitional testing.
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