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Your choice is important

Your choice is a force  that can alter all things surrounding you. But these alterations may be positive and negative. I know how to change your life and stick to the right side. A new job!!! Yes, you got me correct! It is a difficult decision, but it may give you a lot of opportunities  tomorrow... if you find a job in the sphere of IT, for example a Quality Engineer.

Here are 10 reasons why software testing is a great job:

  • Software testing is a well-paid job with extensive opportunities for fast promotion. It has been a studied subject and an industry that still offers a lot of space to consider and innovate.
  • Software testing is a challenging and a rewarding job. As software developers often work with some parts of software but not in general, software test engineers have opportunities to work with the whole product, as well as on the level of details.
  • Software testing will always be badly needed job. What you are certain about in life are -  death, taxes and bugs in code! Testing is about  30% - 40% of all software development efforts. It is always essential.
  • Many people can do it, but very few can do it well. There are still quite few people specializing in software testing. Especially, there are few people who are good at it.
  • Software testing is greatly intellectual, creative and analytical. Software testing allows to use critical thinking and creativity to reveal or see things that the rest do not see. It may be interesting, and mentally challenging.
  • Software testing gives possibility to be constantly aware of the latest and the greatest news. Software testing is a changing subject - you need to keep up with new ways of testing and development methods, new platform technologies, product innovations and new ways of using software products.
  • You bring many peoplehappiness. Well-tested software keeps products in a good quality that agrees with customer’s needs in a user-friendly manner -  customers and sales personal will be happy; your marketing claims come true; you bring products to sales chains and customers on time; you cancel embarrassment.
  • You bring people a better sleep at night. At present, software is everywhere. When software is tested well, it asures your company or clients in a good quality of the software - everyone can sleep better at night. You supply the whole team with the critical information to be sure of the product.
  • You keep your company’s image and finance. You catch bugs so that the customers don’t confront them-when it happens, it may cost your company a lot more (money, reputation, time, etc).

Do not be afraid to start! On our Portal you can find more information about this wonderful job.

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