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Profession Choice

IT industry today is growing dramatically, like no other industry existing before. At the beginning of the digital era, Personal Computers were expensive and IT technologies  were used by narrowly specialized professionals. Nowadays, many housewives use smart phones with computation capacity exceeding computers used in rocket science. Smart homes become a reality in a larger number of regions across the world. Digital technologies increasingly penetrate all areas of our everyday life - a new technology era is coming to people’s life. So, the importance and reality of IT industry are doubtless!

Software development process engages many kinds of specialists performing a variety of tasks.

One of the interesting and important areas is Quality assurance (QA) testing, without which it is impossible to release a consistent, convenient and quality product. There are a lot of reasons being QA. You will be happy about your career choice.

First Job and Experience

In order to get a job in testing, it is necessary to have industry specific knowledge. You can have a formal education in the field or Specialized Training Programs. However, knowledge gained through education does not guarantee you getting a job, especially if you have no experience.

Cover Letter and Resume Writing Skills as well as knowledge how to prepare for a successful interview will help you to sell yourself as a specialist, and to get a job.

Successful Career Building

Good, you have already passed the first two stages, and became an experienced specialist. What is next? Where to go? How to pursue a fulfilling career?

Career in quality assurance (QA) – is the opportunity to become a quality assurance specialist, and to attain self realization. You need to build a career that reflects your goals, values and intentions. Most people do not think about the career development plan. First of all, you need a strategy!

Career building strategy – is a specific plan to achieve particular results. Having no plan, you will get no results. So, in order to create a plan, you need to know what opportunities can be offered by a career in QA. In a broad sense, you can develop your career in two directions: Technical or Management. Both directions have advantages and disadvantages, depending on candidate’s interests.

Our topics will broaden your understanding of skills and knowledge necessary for building a successful career in QA.

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