About the Course

Today there are a lot of paid courses on testing aimed at just giving theoretical knowledge. Contrary to these courses, our intensive course on Automation Testing aims at giving Practical background to students and making them True Experts in testing.

Those who complete the course successfully and pass the final exam can start working on real projects immediately after finishing the course.

Course Format

This course is divided into 6 modules. Every module consists of video lectures, some theoretical material and compulsory assignments.

After each module a student is required to do practical tasks and only if he succeeds he is admitted to the next module. At the end there will be a final exam – a student should perform an individual testing of a web site.

Course Outline

The course will cover the following topics:

Required Knowledge

  • Intermediate knowledge of English. To get an admission to the course, a candidate will have to pass an interview in English.
  • Knowledge of at least one programming language. To get an admission to the course, a candidate will be asked to write a basic program on the technical interview.
  • Have a strong desire to learn and join the team of professional QA experts.