Interview Tips

  • Arrive on Time (or better still 15 minutes early).  Make sure you know how to get there.
  • Be interested in the interviewer and the role.  Research on the Company and its business will impress.
  • Review your experience and CV before the interview.  Make sure you can talk through examples of your work and how it benefited your employer.
  • First impressions are the most important.  Dress smartly and act positively, but remember a certain amount of nervousness is expected.  A firm, but not bone breaking, handshake is best.
  • Do not talk too much, answer questions directly without waffle.  Do not feel you have to speak when there is a pause in the conversation, let the interviewer fill thegap.  If the interviewer looks bored, he probably is!
  • The purpose of the first interview is to convince the interviewer that you have the right experience for the job, even though you may not yet know whether you want the job.  Do not dwell on all your needs at this stage, if you do the interviewer may not invite you back.
  • If you do not know an answer, say so.  Do not guess or 'bend the truth' there is a danger you will get found out.
  • It is useful at the end of an interview to try to find out how the interviewer thought it went and whether they have any reservations.  This is the best time to counter them.
  • Make sure if you are interested in the job that you tell the interviewer.
  • Above all, BE YOURSELF.
  • If you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail.
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