Cache and cookies clearing options

On many occasions, the most common fixing suggestions are to clear your cache and cookies if you want your browser to work effectively and without delays.

In most of the cases, clearing out your cache and cookies is not only a crucial problem-solving step, and it may really sound like you just need “to restart”, but it can be a great solution altogether.

Proceeding onto the topic, we should first understand what cache is and why is it important to clear it.

Web-browsers use files containing user data (in other words cookies) that is in your computer’s temporary data storage space (meaning cache) to store website information on your computer, with the aim of web pages and their components to load quickly. By using this ability, the best possible performance can be acquired.

Lots of changes are being made and naturally, because of constant progress, your cache and cookies can become outdated quickly, and that may deal issues and unwelcome behavior when your browser tries to use older versions.

Using our hints you can get to know some great ways to clear your cache and cookies. In the next few paragraphs, we’ll point to popular browser guides on this topic, you’ll learn about few extensions to speed up the process and have some alternatives for doing this through the developer’s console covered.

Browser Guides

The constant updating of the browsers is to guarantee that you’re getting the latest information.

Of course, different browsers use specific methods for clearing cache and cookies, and you can check the following links to look through and search for the appropriate:

Using Extensions

Of course, adding an extension can make the process quick and easy and while the methods described at the links above are commonly used, the next information can minimize the hassle of clearing your cache and cookies because it will only update the cookies for the page that you have currently open. Click on the link to download the available extension.

Chrome: Clear Session

This exact extension saves your login data and data from all websites where you are logged in. This means that you do not have to log in again to every website after cleaning the cache.

You can set the shortcuts for actions to simplify this extension. If you want to find the extension, you should go to chrome: // extensions / in the Chrome address bar to open the extensions page.

At the bottom of the page, the Keyboard Shortcuts option can be seen. After adding your keyboard shortcut you’ll never have to click or deal with the menu again.

Firefox: Clear Site Cache

The extension in Firefox is similar to Chrome and contains the same features.

Internet Explorer

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer does not have an add-on that removes cookies on a per-site basis.

Using Developer Tools

Another method to clear the cache and cookies without tiresome going through the menu of the browser or using a third-party extension is to use the development tools that are built-in in browsers.

This way could be usually faster than the browser recommended process, although often not as fast as using extensions.

To use Chrome developer tools

In Chrome use ctrl-shift-I ( cmd-option-I on a Macintosh) to open the DevTools window.

Next is to right-click (click-and-hold on a Mac) the Refresh button, and select Empty Cache and Hard Reload. That will force the cache to clear, and reload all data for the site.

Then on the DevTools window, click the Resources tab and expand the Cookies list.

The last to do is right-click (ctrl-click on a Mac) and select Clear on each website in the list.

To use Firefox developer tools

While Firefox is open, use shift-F2 to open the Developer Toolbar. It is usually at the bottom of the browser window.

Then in the toolbar after typing appcache clear press Enter . This will clear your cache.

Next step to type cookie list in the toolbar then Enter . It will open a window displaying all cookies.

For each cookie click Remove , then Enter .

To use Internet Explorer developer tools

First click on the F12. After that click Ctrl+D.

That should be it.

Hope this information was useful for you and helped a lot.

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