Once a team of enthusiasts decided to launch a StrongQA project. The main idea is a creation of the Tester's Dream Team that will be engaged in testing and popularization of this part of the IT area.

It's not a secret that testing in IT area is as important as software development. But if the software developer job is recognizable and honourable, the testers job is not as popular and lay in the shadow. StrongQA Team has decided that this shadow must be dispelled. Our aim is to bring to everyone the possibility of understanding the role of all members of the software development process and solution integration.

So we decided to start our own blog ... There are a lot of different blogs about testing. Thus you will have a reasonable question - "Why would we need another one?"

Because nobody complains about releasing of the new models of cars even thou there are still many old good vehicles. The good blog is always for good. Here we will share our experience; Obtained experience helps to reach a result faster. By showing our mistakes we will help you to avoid them. We will tell you not only how to become an AWESOME tester but how to become a tester in general. We will talk about the contemporary effective techniques in testing that will help you to choose appropriate tools for your work. We will talk about the psychological aspects of a team work because the strong team will always achieve success. All of this will be in our blog ...

So here we go! Keep abreast of the testing!

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